Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Palm and Movero to offer rental mobile devices for SMBs

Palm Treos will be now available to SMBs, through Movero Technology, for rental.
The service will offer replacement of lost or stolen devices, remote erasure of corporate data from stolen devices etc. This model opens up the possibility of offering other value added mobile device management services. While replacing stolen device instantly is of great value, much greater value would come from providing a migration service, where the backup data (including PIM) from the stolen device is restored on to new device, effectively making the new device as if it is old device. Remote configuration of email and network settings would also become possible, including location profile and schedule based settings.


At 8:44 AM , Blogger Bruce said...

Movero provides full management to enterprise customers including PIM transfer for Palm and other smartphone devices. The Business Essentials for Mobility pack gives administrators and employees an easy way to manage mobility in the organization. I believe this will clearly broaden adoption by removing the common barriers to adopting mobility; equipment, support and protection.


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