Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Microsoft launches device management server initiative

Even though Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform has very small market share, compared to Nokia's Symbian, Microsoft has no option but to compete in the device management space, especially after Nokia bought Intellisync (the device management company), and Motorola bought Good Technology.
And rightly so. Mobile device management will become critical part of any enterprise IT infrastructure as the PDAs get cheaper (Palm Centro) and sometimes are the only computing device in the developing world. Even consumer's would like to manage their own devices at basic level, in terms of backup of contacts, moving contacts from one device to another, moving content from one to another device etc.


At 4:09 PM , Anonymous Ian Hutching said...

The MS platform is real good if
a) the enterprise customer are running MS cell phones only
b) if the customer can afford or are willing to pay a relatively high amount of money

Platforms like Nokia Intelisync and especially the LapBack MobileWipe Enterprise platform would be a much better choice since the enterprise customer can keep a diversified fleet of handsets and they does not need an educated system administrator to run.


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